Contact Lenses

There are many reasons why you might choose contact lenses. You may just prefer them to wearing glasses or they might be a more practical choice for when you’re doing sport activities. 

We have lenses to suit everyone depending upon lifestyle, prescription and preferences. So whether you need dailies, twice monthlies or monthly contact lenses, we’ve got you covered.

First time wearing contact lenses?

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process giving you advice on which contacts will work best for you.

  • Checking your prescription to ensure it can be replicated in contact lenses
  • Showing you how to put them in and get a comfortable fit
  • Giving you a free trial of lenses
  • Checking the fit of your contact lenses once the free trial is over

You’re then good to go. Le-Roche Optometry will process your order and organise for them to be delivered straight to your door.


glasses & sunglasses

Your glasses are one of the first things people will notice about you, so making the right choice for you is important…and fun!

Don’t worry if you’ve been told that you should stick to one style of frame because of your face shape; it’s more about fit, style and function so don’t limit yourself. If you’re worried, come to Le-Roche Optometry and we can advise you.

With a wide range of designer frames to choose from, there’s something for everyone and we constantly review the range of frames we have in stock, so there’s always something new.

Currently we stock Chanel, Hublot, Chopard, Mont Blanc, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Booth & Bruce, Nine, Omas, Revo, William Morris and Tarian. But we’re looking at adding some exciting new ranges so keep in touch to find out more.

visual wardrobe

Gone are the days where we have just one pair of glasses for everything. There are many reasons why people have more than that now

  • Eyewear Function - different types of eyewear have a different function. So, if you’re a runner, contact lenses may form part of your visual wardrobe. 
  • Sun Protection - most of us have a pair of sunglasses for sunny days.
  • Style choice - but you may also have a very different style at home than at work, or you just like to have a choice of frames to suit different occasions, moods or outfits.

Developing a visual wardrobe is all about understanding your lifestyle. Your eyewear should fit in with you and enhance your life choices, not get in the way.