eye test

Let’s be honest, we’re more excited about the frame choice than the eye test. But, a thorough eye test is important to your ongoing vision and eye health.

We give you a full 45 minutes for your eye test because we don’t believe that 20 minutes is enough time to give you the advice and guidance your eyes deserve.

Your eye test shouldn’t just be about your vision. Here at Le-Roche Optometry, we review your eye requirements based on your lifestyle as well as your vision. 

By considering things such as your family history, overall health, occupation and hobbies, it helps to inform the kind of eye test you need as well as the eye-wear that will support your lifestyle and protect your eyesight.

Every eye test will include:


  • Detailed discussion of your health and family history, any concerns you have, if you’re having trouble with your current glasses and lifestyle factors.
  • Standard vision tests forxxx, xxx and xxxx
  • Vision test to identify an accurate prescription for your glasses.
  • So, let us take care of your eyes, with a personalised approach, request an appointment now.