6 reasons why

6 reasons why prospects should choose Le-Roche

+ - Eye-tests tailored to your needs

Your eye-sight is precious, too important to entrust to someone who doesn’t take the time to listen. Understanding your lifestyle will help us to protect your eyes. For example: 

  • Do you work on a computer all day and suffer with headaches?
  • Are your eyes sore from working outside in the sunshine all day?
  • Do you have diabetes and worry about how it might affect your eyesight?

So many things can affect your eyes. Le-Roche Optometry takes time to listen to understand your concerns and identify factors in your life that may be putting your eyes under undue stress.

With a good understanding of your health, eyes and lifestyle, we can then recommend the best eye-wear for you – to fix your vision problems, protect your eye-sight, fit in with your lifestyle choices and make a style statement!

+ - Trustworthy, expert advise

Michelle Le-Roche is a qualified optometrist with a BSc in Optometry from x University. She has been a practising optician for over 25 years, so has plenty of experience.

Michelle is a member of the College of Optometry to ensure that she stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of optometry.

In addition, Michelle is also one of the regions only experts in behavioural optometry and is a committee member for the British Association of Behavioural Optometry.

+ - Designer and uniquely-stylish frame choice

We have a large range of stylish frames to choose from. We have regional exclusivity on the Tarian collection of frames.

We currently stock Chanel, Hublot, Chopard, Mont Blanc, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Booth & Bruce, Nine, Omas, Revo, William Morris and Tarian.

But we continually review the frames we offer so there’s always something new coming in.

+ - Great advice on the best glasses to suit your style, budget and lifestyle.

Your visual wardrobe is about more than just what frames look good on you. Gone are the days where we’d have one pair of glasses for everything. 

You may like a choice of frames to suit different occasions or outfits

For example, if you’re a runner, contact lenses may be part of your visual wardrobe as they’re more practical. Or perhaps you need a professional looking frame for daywear, but prefer something a little more exciting or zany for the evening.

Whatever your needs, wants and budget, Le-Roche Optometry can help you make the right choices. For a limited time, we can offer you a 30 minute free Visual Wardrobe appointment, normally priced at £x. Just download a voucher.

+ - Extensive COVID safety measures

With the ever-present threat of COVID 19, Le-Roche Optometry works hard to provide a safe space for all customers. By offering an appointment-only service, you will be the only customer in the practice and we are following all government guidance which includes:

  • Full PPE equipment to be worn by opticians 
  • Screens have been added to relevant equipment to add a layer of protection
  • All equipment is cleaned between every patient and use.
  • You’ll be met at the door with hand sanitizer and face mask for you to wear throughout your visit.

We take your safety seriously, so if you have a concern or question, just ask us and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

+ - Our customers are for life

We want customers to stay with us, so we focus on keeping you happy. Take a look at what some of our customers say about us.


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